Letter: Let's give Obama another four years to help our country


What a shame for our country that the Tea Party has co-opted the Republican Party. Although they continue to deify Ronald Reagan, I doubt he'd get elected if he ran today. He was far too moderate and reasonable, though heaven knows I didn't think so at the time. He actually believed in compromise, imagine that. Today's Republicans bear little resemblance to the actual conservative party they once were.

Republicans accuse President Obama of class warfare and elitism, but the reality is he's working hard for you and me, for the middle class, while the Republicans only pretend to be. The Romney/Ryan proposed tax code would raise taxes on ordinary Americans while further reducing taxes on the wealthy!  If "trickle down economics" really worked, why are the richest getting richer, the stock market strong again, the CEOs still making record salaries, while many of the rest of us are still having a tough time?  I don't see any new jobs created by Wall St., do you?

A lot of new jobs were made possible by the stimulus bill, and many GOP governors, including Bobby Jindal of LA, complained loudly about it, but they took the money and put it to good use in their states!  Isn't that hypocritical?  And two of the most knowledgeable economists in the country, Paul Klugman and Robert Reich, have both said the stimulus was vital to boosting the economy at a time when the private sector was faltering and thought it should've been bigger, which it would've been if the GOP hadn't fought so hard against it.

They opposed infusing the economy with much-needed cash, but were OK with an unpaid-for war?  And, it helped to keep thousands of teachers, policeman, and firefighters across the country on the job.  Sadly, many did lose their jobs, at a huge cost to the quality of public education and safety, not to mention the impact on those families and their communities.

The Republicans are trying hard to scare people about Obamacare. Did you know we're the only modern country that doesn't provide that for our citizens? They have lied about its costs, and said it's going to rob Medicare.  That is blatantly false, and the Congressional Budget Office says that it will, in fact, save the country millions of dollars in the long run.  I would love to not have to worry about going bankrupt in the event of a serious illness, or face the prospect of losing my home. 

Republicans have tried to demonize union workers - witness what happened in Wisconsin last year.  Why?  Once again, because they always come down on the side of Big Business. Without the bargaining power of unions, many of those people would barely be making a decent wage, or have any kind of pension, or reasonable work hours.

Republicans' pro-Big Business stance is also why they oppose any kind of legislation that protects the environment - because it may cost businesses some money. But don't you think Big Oil can afford to be more careful? They make an astronomical amount of money every year. Why should they get away with polluting our oceans? And the proposed Tar Sands Project would jeopardize huge swaths of land and every river it crosses, which is why our president isn't in favor of it. It's not at all that he's anti-business; it's that we have a responsibility to protect our environment.

President Obama, who has never apologized for America (in spite of their accusations, which they don't back up with one single example), understands that, is respected around the world, and understands the importance of communication and cooperation.

Pres. Obama said, four years ago, that it would take some time to get things turned around, and he's done a good job, with zero help from the Republicans.  There's so much more to do. I'll do my part to see that he gets another four years to help our country.

Judi Lindner Avery



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