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‘Be Mine or Die’ Murder Mystery Dinner at The Speakeasy Feb.14

The Speakeasy will host the ‘Be Mine or Die’ Murder Mystery Dinner on Feb.14.

The Speakeasy will host the ‘Be Mine or Die’ Murder Mystery Dinner on Feb.14.

Originally Published: February 5, 2018 12:25 p.m.

The Speakeasy, the Village’s latest restaurant and entertainment venue, has been visionary and downright charitable in welcoming former felon Valerie Valentine (aka Shondra Jepperson), through its doors.

Recently released from the hoosegow, Miss Valentine is set to open her once famous-before-she-was-busted review, “Be Mine Or Die.”

Guests include reformed mafioso Bugsy Baloney, now known to audiences as “The Love Doctor,” hit man, (Brad Roberts) and singer Al Catraz, (Tom Jepperson) and, last but not least, up and coming newcomer Betty Bimbo. Valerie’s latest show is all about the love that shines on Valentines.

During a dinner to die for, Val’s show just gets into full swing when a tragic mishap takes a life at the Speakeasy. This untimely death signals the return of gumshoe Dandy Dick, private eye extraordinaire, (Dev Ross), who stops at nothing to ferret out the truth.

Every stone gets upturned - and a few tossed, and guests get mercilessly questioned as this pugnacious PI puts the pieces together to finally discern who did it. Diners will get to guess who “done did it” and have the chance to win a prize.

The Speak Easy is at the Village of Oak Creek Outlet Center located 6600 Highway 179. The “Be Mine or Die” murder mystery dinner show is from 6-8 p.m. For more info and reservations visit www.majestic-speakeasy.com or call 928-284-6835.