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Intel targets West Clear Creek irrigation system to achieve company’s ‘water neutral’ goal

More water for the Verde River

The Nature Conservancy, with funding from Intel, is laying pipe to replace the earthen ditch that diverts creek water to nearby farm fields. A pipe will save the water that’s now seeping into the ground. The saved water can remain in the creek and make its way to the Verde River.

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Three new Yavapai-Apache Nation council members take office

More than 100 people arrived at the council chambers to meet the newly installed council members, Nancy Guzman, Henry Smith and Amanda Honwytewa on October 4, in the Yavapai-Apache Nation.

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What people are saying about Verde Connect project

In an effort to alleviate traffic concerns and higher travel demands, Yavapai County is considering a project that would add a new north-south route to connect Cornville Road to State Route 260.

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Cottonwood National Night Out canceled due to weather

Cottonwood Police have canceled it National Night Out event scheduled for tomorrow night due to weather.

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October 1st Friday at Gallery of Modern Masters

October’s First Friday at Gallery of Modern Masters will feature ‘Stone Creations’ by Marlys Mallet & Michael Redhawk; both are very experienced, successful Sedona artists.

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Mingus school board accepts consolidation petition checklist

Tuesday, the Mingus Union School Board voted 4-to-0 to accept the Mingus Union/Cottonwood-Oak Creek Consolidation petition checklist as to substance and form as authored by Yavapai County School Superintendent Tim Carter.

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Election: Baker, German questioned on Cornfest, taxes, rodeo during Camp Verde mayoral forum

Thursday, the League of Women Voters Greater Verde Valley Chapter helped make that decision a little easier for the community’s voters - both active and otherwise.

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NWS: Flash flood watch in Northern Arizona

The National Weather Service has put out a flash flood watch in portions of Northern Arizona, including Yavapai County.

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Taggers vandalize historic site (with video)

Graffiti-response team saves historic artwork

The Friends of the Forest graffiti-response team likes to strike fast. So when someone defaced an archaeological site in Sedona last weekend with large, black letters spewing vulgarity, the crew was on the site by Thursday morning.

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Local agencies address trafficking rumors

Rumors of young girls being followed by potential human traffickers have been circulating social media sites in the last few weeks.

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Judge calls Yavapai-Apache Nation home

Jane Russell-Winiecki says Joel England ‘one of the best judges we’ve had’

After a 21-year military career that began in 1996, England retired and settled back in Arizona, in the Buckeye area, and began to consider his professional options moving forward.

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More to do, more to see at Beaver Creek Adult Center

Anyone ages 18 and older welcome to join

There’s lots going on at the Beaver Creek Adult Center, says Diane Daniel, one of the program’s seven board members.

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New apartments considered at Old Jerome High School

They want to explore further development for residential purposes, said Jerome Council Member Hunter Bachrach.

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Everyone is everywhere: New Mingus Union High School play has 14 students, 58 charaters and 18 stories

Fourteen students are playing 58 different characters in 18 vignette or stories in the play opening this Saturday, according to the Mingus Theater and Music teacher James Ball.

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Gov. Doug Ducey crows added jobs in second debate

Incumbent Gov. Doug Ducey repeatedly throws around the phrase that Arizona is “open for business” as both a commercial for the state and as proof his policies are what’s driving the state economy.

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Nine more years for Seth Collins

Judge gives concurrent sentences to man who caused SR 260 crash

Seth Collins will spend close to nine more years in jail, Yavapai County Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Paupore said Wednesday.

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Zinke hears ‘substantial concerns’ during Grand Canyon visit

Most urgent need is repair of wastewater system

When the term deferred maintenance gets tossed out, different images come to mind. Maybe it’s some roads badly in need of repaving, or a few shingles missing from a leaky roof.

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Eighth grade teacher, American Heritage Academy, Camp Verde

Include the years Kelly Maize has taught photography and painting, she’s been in the classroom for nine years.

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Star Light, Star Bright: Camp Verde Announces Inaugural Dark Sky Festival

Almost 80 percent of people in North America are unable to see the Milky Way Galaxy from where they live, according to a 2016 study published in Science Advances.

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Homeless veterans can now benefit from waived Arizona MVD fees

Agency will verify those who qualify

Homeless veterans in Arizona looking to stabilize their lives now have one less financial burden to worry about.

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Getting to know new Camp Verde Marshal Corey Rowley

A week ago, Camp Verde Town Manager Russ Martin announced that he had chosen Yakutat, Alaska Police Chief Corey Rowley to become the Town’s next marshal.

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Spirit of cooperation: Verde Valley Farmers’ Market promotes local growers

Market founders, longtime manager to be recognized at 9 a.m. Sept. 29

On Saturday, Sept. 29, the Verde Valley Farmers’ Market will celebrate 15 years as the community’s go-to place for most all things fresh produce.

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Ducey defends voucher decision during debate

Gov. Doug Ducey defended his decision Monday to sign legislation to allow any student get a voucher of tax dollars to attend private or parochial schools, a measure that voters will decide in November whether to ratify even as they determine whether the incumbent gets another four-year term.

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9 Questions for retiring Verde Valley Fire Chief Nazih Hazime

Last Wednesday was Chief Nazih Hazime’s last day at Verde Valley Fire District Station 31 after seven years as the leader of the 39-member department.

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Mingus school board could accept attorneys’ consolidation petition language

It’s been about a month since Yavapai County Superior Court Judge David Mackey instructed attorneys to find agreement on petition language that could be used to ultimately take consolidation to Verde Valley’s voters.