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Arizona flu cases spike

A huge spike in the number of flu cases could portend a particularly bad year for the flu in Arizona.

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Congressman Trent Franks resigns from U.S. House after allegedly asking staffers to have his child

PHOENIX -- Congressman Trent Franks said Thursday he is resigning from the U.S. House ahead of an Ethics Committee investigation stemming from his discussion with two female staffers about the possibility of surrogacy.

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UA doctor’s drug could buy time between rattlesnake bite and anti-venom treatment

As soon as a rattlesnake sinks its fangs into a victim, the venom starts traveling through the bloodstream. Within seconds, people can experience pain, swelling, bleeding and trouble breathing.

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Proposed legislation would prohibit non-disclosures in sex harassment cases

PHOENIX -- A first-term state lawmaker wants to curb the ability of those accused of sexual harassment or rape to buy silence from their victims.

Ducey opposes plan to clamp down on dark money campaign financing

Gov. Doug Ducey signaled his opposition to a new initiative to forbid anonymous funding of political campaigns, saying it would interfere with the ability of people to participate in campaigns without fear.

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Governor dismisses new report critical of Arizona education funding

Gov. Doug Ducey is fighting back against a report by a left-leaning research group that shows Arizona is spending less on K-12 education today than before the recession when inflation is taken into account.

Medicaid officials prepare contingency plan to continue coverage for children of working poor

With no immediate congressional action in sight, state Medicaid officials are preparing to implement a contingency plan to ensure that nearly 24,000 children of Arizona working poor do not lose their health care coverage this coming month.

Lawmaker wants to repeal law on training required to be hair stylist

Scottsdale Republican wants to repeal a state law which says you can't style hair in Arizona without at least 1,100 hours of training at a state-licensed school.

Legal opinion sought on legislature's authority over Board of Regents

An Oro Valley Republican lawmaker wants to know whether he and fellow legislators can legally clamp down on the Arizona Board of Regents.

ASU journalism school revokes lifetime achievement award given Charlie Rose

Calling the behavior "unacceptable,'' the journalism school at Arizona State University took the unprecedented move of revoking the lifetime achievement award it gave just two years ago to Charlie Rose.

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Confiscated corkscrews to be sold to highest bidder by state

PHOENIX -- Wondering what to get that special wine lover for Christmas? How about a corkscrew?

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Trump ‘Pocahontas’ remark overshadows Code Talkers event

WASHINGTON – Tribal groups reacted swiftly Monday after President Donald Trump used an event honoring Native American Code Talkers to call a Democratic senator “Pocahontas,” what critics called a slur that marred an otherwise positive event.

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Proposed legislation could make wearing masks a felony during public offence

Thinking of wearing a Trump mask to a political demonstration?

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Report: State’s drug, alcohol, suicide death rates to climb by 2025

A new report says death rates in Arizona from drugs, alcohol and suicides could grow by 38 percent over the next decade unless action is taken now to head off the problem.

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Ducey silent on whether or not he’ll campaign with Trump

Facing a possible tough reelection next year, Gov. Doug Ducey won’t say whether he wants the help of the nation’s chief executive.

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Governor considers using VW payout to replace school buses

Auto company paid Arizona $59M to settle lawsuit

Gov. Doug Ducey is sitting on $59 million in unexpected cash.

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ASU revokes lifetime achievement award from Charlie Rose

Calling the behavior “unacceptable,’’ the journalism school at Arizona State University took the unprecedented move Friday of revoking the lifetime achievement award it gave just two years ago to Charlie Rose.

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‘Why do we need to allow underage marriages to happen?’’

Representative wants to repeal exiting laws

Saying 18 is plenty young enough, a Scottsdale lawmaker wants to repeal existing Arizona laws that allow children of any age to get married.

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Hunters may be solution to reducing destructive bison herd at Grand Canyon

A spring used to rush through a hillside on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, nourishing bats, mule deer and other wildlife — that is, until bison trampled the watering hole into a mud puddle.

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Attorney for opioid manufacturer says firm is immune from lawsuits over marketing practices

The attorney for a Chandler opioid manufacturer says his firm can’t be sued by the state over its marketing practices because anything it may have done wrong is in the past.

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Poll shows Arizonans not eager to vote in support of legalization of marijuana

Don’t look for Arizonans to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, at least not in the immediate future.

No state highway construction closures over Thanksgiving weekend

PHOENIX – Over Thanksgiving weekend, state and local agencies will focus on keeping motorists safe and placing equipment and resources along heavily traveled highways to help move traffic should incidents occur.

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Trump enjoys 45-49% popularity in Arizona poll, only 33% approval rating in national survey

Donald Trump remains more popular in Arizona than the nation as a whole.

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Medical marijuana patients claim state permit price too high

Calling the fees illegally high, an attorney for medical marijuana patients is asking the Court of Appeals to force state health officials to slash what they charge people to get the state-issued permit they need to buy the drug.

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2017 Turkey Dinner Won’t Gobble Up Your Budget

PHOENIX -- The cost to feed the horde this Thanksgiving is going to be as low as it’s been in a decade.