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Governor Ducey: New Florida gun laws not part of Arizona agenda

PHOENIX -- Gov. Doug Ducey is nixing enacting the same new restrictions on guns to control school violence that fellow Republican and Florida Gov. Rick Scott just signed into law.

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Rep. Noel Campbell takes Democrats to task over student protest over school shootings

PHOENIX -- A Prescott Republican lawmaker lashed out at Democrats Thursday, accusing them of being more interested in political “theater’’ than solving the question of gun violence in schools.

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Property tax break being considered for Arizona seniors

The House Ways and Means Committee voted 6-2 Wednesday to grant Class 6 status to the homes of seniors who meet certain income requirements.

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How pie is divided not as important as ‘size of the pie’

Verde Valley’s education leaders weigh in on Auditor General’s classroom spending report

If someone takes away your Thanksgiving dinner plate but later gives you back the roll and butter, you’re still going hungry.

Construction industry on rebound in Arizona

PHOENIX -- The state’s beleaguered construction industry is finally showing some consistent signs of life.

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Questions, concerns arise over proposed Big Chino hydroelectric plant

Initial reservoir fill would require billions of gallons

Numerous questions and concerns were raised at a Citizens Water Advocacy Group meeting March 10, one of which was from Garin Reay, who said he lives no more than 20 miles from the proposed Big Chino Pumped Storage Project.

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Legislative plan could provide $8.7 million statewide for classroom supplies

PHOENIX -- A measure to help teachers pay for classroom supplies cleared a critical hurdle Thursday as state lawmakers resurrected it from political death.

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Firearms 101: Families with firearms can take steps to keep their kids safe

An average of 19 children are killed or injured by a gun every day.

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Ducey lays out new rules for driverless cars

With hundreds of them already on Arizona roads, Gov. Doug Ducey is laying out some new -- and stricter -- rules for autonomous vehicles.

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Arizona House OK’s bill exempting online goods from state taxation

PHOENIX -- The state House voted Wednesday to forego ever collecting sales taxes on digital products and services even as more and more of what Arizonans buy moves online -- and untaxed.

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Lawmakers push for tougher penalties on animal cruelty laws

PHOENIX -- State senators agreed Monday to boost the penalty for intentional abuse or killing of pets over objections from a lawmaker who said it could make criminals out of ranchers protecting their herds.

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For trees’ sake: Forest Service tackles bark beetle problem

GRAND CANYON — The bright flames of a raging wildfire and the aftermath it leaves behind may cause many to think that the biggest forest danger in the west is unrestrained fire, but the reality is actually much quieter and much, much smaller.

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State to test regulated marijuana for mold, disease before sale

Rep. David Stringer, R-Prescott, pointed out that state voters in 2010 made marijuana legal for medical use

PHOENIX — Sometime next year medical marijuana users will get a guarantee of sorts that the drugs they are buying is both as good as they’ve been promised.

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House Speaker wants voters to revisit Prop 206 to level field between employers, workers

Measure would change language, help businesses in court

PHOENIX — State lawmakers are moving to make it harder for workers to claim retaliation if they are fired in the wake of claiming they were denied wages or legally entitled time off.

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Searching for common ground on gun issues

Gov. Doug Ducey isn’t interested in arming teachers as a way to deal with school violence

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Flake plan to raise age limit for long guns leaves both sides unhappy

When Sen. Jeff Flake said he would work to restrict access to AR-15s for those under 21, he somehow managed to unite pro-gun advocates and gun control groups who think little of his response to the Florida high school shooting.

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Lawmakers push to make it harder for workers to claim retaliation

State lawmakers are moving to make it harder for workers to claim retaliation if they are fired in the wake of claiming they were denied wages or legally entitled time off.

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Judge won’t delay decision on school funding

A judge won’t delay deciding whether the state is violating constitutional requirements to adequately fund school capital needs while lawmakers decide what -- if anything -- they are going to do about the problem.

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Ducey: Protect Second Amendment; don't 'politicize' Florida school massacre

PHOENIX -- Three years into office, Gov. Doug Ducey said Tuesday he has no clear idea of how to prevent mass shootings at schools.

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Counties may get chance to ask voter approval for road tax

PHOENIX -- Unable to get the votes to hike the gas tax, a Mesa senator is settling for what might be a weak second best: Allowing counties to raise their own cash for their own road needs.

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Voters may get chance to change age restriction for state-office candidates

PHOENIX -- Arizona lawmakers don't want to share their power with 18 year olds.

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Punish doctors who prescribe weed too easily?

Could get year in prison for not conducting a full medical exam first

State lawmakers are moving to make felons of doctors who don’t follow all the rules when recommending that a patient be allowed to use marijuana.

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Weapons-on-campus legislation on way to Senate

Students, faculty, staff and visitors are a step closer to being able to carry some kinds of weapons on the campuses of public colleges and universities.