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Funeral held for Kansas man shot and killed by U.S. Forest Service officer in Oak Creek Canyon

Tyler Miller, the man shot killed and killed by a U.S. Forest Service officer on Jan. 5 in Oak Creek Canyon, had a “very well attended” funeral in his hometown of Hutchinson, Kansas, on Tuesday.

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Despite no challengers - yet - Gov. Ducey has amassed $3 million in campaign war chest

PHOENIX -- With no primary foe and 10 months to go to the general election, Gov. Doug Ducey already has collected more than $3 million for his re-election campaign.

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Ducey budget puts emphasis on K-12 education

PHOENIX -- Gov. Doug Ducey unveiled at $10.1 billion spending plan for next budget year built on projections of more consumer spending, Arizonans buying more lottery tickets and hiring back many of the auditors who ensure that people are paying the state what they owe, auditors the governor previously laid off.

Attorney contends schools conflict with legislature a political issue, not a matter for courts

PHOENIX -- An attorney for the state told a judge Friday he has no legal right to hear a complaint that the Legislature is not providing enough funds for schools.

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Tucson lawmaker seeks new surcharge for medical marijuana users

PHOENIX -- A Tucson Republican lawmaker wants people who are legally entitled to use medical marijuana to pay for a program to discourage drug use among others rather than lowering the excess fees they pay the state.

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Mesnard: Trump tax cuts won’t have negative impact on Arizona taxpayers

PHOENIX -- One of the state’s three Republican legislative leaders has vowed he won’t let the Trump tax cuts have a negative ripple effect on Arizona taxpayers.

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Arizona Supreme Court to hear weed-on-campus case

The Arizona Supreme Court will decide whether lawmakers can make criminals of legal medical marijuana users who possess their drug on college and university campuses.

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Ducey offers plan to restore capital funds to schools

Gov. Doug Ducey on Tuesday trotted out a five-year plan to restore funding for state schools’ capital needs to what it was before the Great Recession.

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State of the State: Governor pledges more money for education

PHOENIX -- Gov. Doug Ducey promised more money on Monday for education. But the Republican governor's State of the State speech was short on details.

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Gov. Ducey to make push for more education funds without raising state taxes

PHOENIX -- Gov. Doug Ducey kicks off the legislative session Monday with a call for more education funding -- but not with the tax hikes that some say are necessary to provide truly adequate funding for schools.

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Education coaltion plan calls for $950 million more for Arizona classrooms

PHOENIX -- Hoping to set the agenda, a coalition of educators and others laid out options that could generate more than $950 million for education this coming year, all without a general hike in sales taxes.

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Layman’s guide to following AZ Legislature

PHOENIX -- Want to keep tabs on your lawmakers and not even have to get out of your pajamas? You can -- if you have a computer.

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New law in 2018 could set limits on opioid prescriptions

PHOENIX -- While public education is expected to be the top issue when lawmakers return on Monday, a few other subjects are likely to command some attention.

Findings of financial analysis on charter schools in Arizona

A Grand Canyon Institute’s report specifies that its reform recommendations relate more to transparency and consistency than charges of fraud or illegal activities.

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Arizona legal users need not fear AG’s tough talk on marijuana laws

PHOENIX -- Attorney General Jeff Sessions may be looking to crack down on marijuana sales in states where they are legal.

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Aging population prompts question of quantity vs. quality of life

PHOENIX — Every time Catherine Baimonte visited her mother at an assisted living facility in Colorado, her mother’s health worsened.

New reports criticize Arizona’s charter schools

Parents have more choice, but there’s friction over finances

From the start of Arizona’s school choice movement in 1994, district school leaders have bristled over what they see as a lack of transparency over how charter school operators spend money, how they select students and over payment of teachers and administrators.

Court rules GPS vehicle tracking by police requries warrant

PHOENIX -- Police cannot put a GPS device onto a vehicle to track its movements without first getting a warrant, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled Wednesday.

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Number of Latino business owners on rise in Arizona

The number of Latino-owned businesses in Arizona doubled from 2007 to 2015, according to recent data released by the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

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Arizona rancher on Mexico border uses science to breed sustainable cattle

The road turns from a dusty brown to a deep, red clay along the road to Buena Vista Ranch, where cattle rancher Dean Fish raises commercial cattle.

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State hopes to keep some aspects of ‘ethnic studies’ ban

Judge said it was unconstitutional, top educator wants to try again

The state’s top education official wants to salvage at least some of a law banning “ethnic studies” that was struck down as unconstitutional by a federal judge.

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Senate president agrees to caps on corporate tax credits for scholarships

PHOENIX -- The architect of an ever-increasing siphoning off of state tax revenues to help send students to private and parochial schools said Thursday he’s now willing to consider a cap -- now that the diversion has topped $74 million a year.

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Minimum wage goes up again on Monday, some get a 50-cent per hour raise starting next week

Arizonans at the bottom end of the income scale are going to be getting a bit more in their paychecks this coming week.

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Lawmakers press for new look at Arizona sentencing laws for non-violent offenders

PHOENIX -- Two state lawmakers hope to do what has proven politically impossible for decades: Convince colleagues to consider sentencing reform.

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Lawmaker says opioid dossage best left to doctor’s discretion

PHOENIX -- Rep. Jay Lawrence is declaring his own war against the governor’s war on opioids.