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Judge won’t delay decision on school funding

A judge won’t delay deciding whether the state is violating constitutional requirements to adequately fund school capital needs while lawmakers decide what -- if anything -- they are going to do about the problem.

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Ducey: Protect Second Amendment; don't 'politicize' Florida school massacre

PHOENIX -- Three years into office, Gov. Doug Ducey said Tuesday he has no clear idea of how to prevent mass shootings at schools.

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Counties may get chance to ask voter approval for road tax

PHOENIX -- Unable to get the votes to hike the gas tax, a Mesa senator is settling for what might be a weak second best: Allowing counties to raise their own cash for their own road needs.

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Voters may get chance to change age restriction for state-office candidates

PHOENIX -- Arizona lawmakers don't want to share their power with 18 year olds.

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Punish doctors who prescribe weed too easily?

Could get year in prison for not conducting a full medical exam first

State lawmakers are moving to make felons of doctors who don’t follow all the rules when recommending that a patient be allowed to use marijuana.

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Weapons-on-campus legislation on way to Senate

Students, faculty, staff and visitors are a step closer to being able to carry some kinds of weapons on the campuses of public colleges and universities.

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State lawmakers appear ready to regulate sober living homes

Arizona lawmakers appear finally ready to regulate “sober living’’ homes statewide. In 2020.

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Libertarian Vann Gutier seeks recall of John McCain

A Libertarian who concedes he was never a supporter in the past is launching a drive to recall John McCain.

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AG gets no help from Trump to deny driver's licenses to 'dreamers'

Attorney General Mark Brnovich is getting no help from the Trump administration in his last-ditch bid to deny driver's licenses to "dreamers.''

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Judge rules Burns can't trump majority vote on APS political spending

A judge won't help Bob Burns force Arizona Public Service to disclose the money it has spent -- and may spend in the future -- to elect candidates of its choice.

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State lawmakers look to tighten noose on teen marriages in Arizona

A House panel voted Wednesday to restrict the ability of teens younger than 18 to marry in Arizona -- but only after creating a couple of ways around that.

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Arizona targeted for clean energy initiative

A national group led by a billionaire hoping to impeach Donald Trump is helping to fund an effort to force Arizona utilities to get half their energy from renewable sources by 2030.

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Legislators propose tough laws to stop wrong-way crashes

Lawmakers are working on several bills designed to stop wrong-way driving as public officials remain frustrated at the emotional and financial cost of crashes.

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GOP senators want minimum wage issue back on ballot

Voters got it wrong first time?

PHOENIX -- Calling the voter-approved measure morally wrong, a Republican-controlled Senate panel voted Monday to ask voters to reconsider the 2016 measure which is set to hike the minimum wage to $12 an hour by 2020.

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State considers allowing mobile robot home-delivery service

Everything from lunch to groceries to U.S. Mail

Arizonans could soon find themselves sharing the sidewalks with armies of small six-wheeled automated robots delivering everything from lunch and groceries to the mail.

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Senate panel votes to expand animal abuse laws

"Animal abusers are five times more likely to commit violent crimes against people than non-abusers"

Linking the crime to domestic violence, a Senate panel voted Thursday to expand state laws of what constitutes animal abuse and demand harsher penalties.

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House panel votes to impose new fee during vehicle registration

Unable politically to hike the state gasoline tax to help pave and repair roads, a House panel voted Wednesday to impose a new fee when people register their cars and trucks every year.

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Legislation keeps those accused of sex crimes from buying silence from victims - but not in all cases

State lawmakers took the first steps Wednesday to keep those accused of sex crimes or harassment from buying silence from their victims.

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Ruling says tribes have right to challenge use of effluent to make snow

An Arizona tribe has the legal right to challenge the use of treated effluent to make snow -- even on public lands, the state Court of Appeals ruled Thursday.

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State utility funneling thousands into Ducey campaign

The state’s largest electric utility and its top executives are funneling money into campaigns to ensure that Doug Ducey remains governor for another four years.

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Senate votes to exempt first $10K of military pension from Arizona income tax

A tax break for military retirees has cleared a pair of significant hurdles.

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Lawmaker proposes wrong-way spikes to stop drivers

Would put them in strategic locations if passed

Saying warning signs and detection systems may not be the right answer, a state lawmaker has a more radical approach to stopping wrong-way drivers: slicing and dicing their tires.

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Senate moves forward a ban on texting while driving

Supporters still have obstacles to overcome

Arizona may finally be ready to join the 47 other states who find the practice of texting while driving so dangerous, they have made it illegal.

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Legislation would remove costs to freeze credit

Calling the practice unfair, the Senate Finance Committee panel voted Wednesday to block credit bureaus from charging Arizonans to freeze their credit to prevent identity theft.