Melissa Bowersock

Melissa writes a photo blog that explores the beauty of Arizona, the Western US and the Western Hemisphere.

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Western Light: Sunrises and Sunsets

We are lucky here in Arizona to have such fabulous sunrises and sunsets.

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Western Light: Water

Water assumes many characteristics. It can be glassy smooth, frothing with foam, swirling around rocks, bending images to its twists and turns.

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Western Light: Iridescent clouds

Sometimes the sun, the clouds, the time of day and the angles all line up together to create ephemeral beauty in the sky.

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Western Light: Reflections of fall color

Reflections of the fall color along Clear Creek bring to mind the impressionistic paintings of Monet.

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Western Light: Waxwing Wars

Walking along Clear Creek, I noticed a flock of birds in one tree, all chattering and flitting about.

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Western Light: Autumn Ripples

The autumn leaves are falling en masse now, carpeting the ground and building up in eddies in the creeks and rivers.

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Western Light: Fall Color

While we have adequate fall color around the state, Flagstaff has cornered the market on yellow and gold.

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Western Light: The Painted Desert

Here in Northern Arizona, we are blessed to have many stunning views nearby, not the least of which is the Painted Desert.

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Western Light: Long Exposures

I've been playing around with a new app for iPhones called Longexpo Pro; it's made to allow you to take a long exposure (2 seconds) of a moving object,

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Western Light: Monsoon Fireworks

A series of mini-storms rolled through the Camp Verde area on Monday evening, leaving not much rain but a lasting impression of lightning.

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