Melissa Bowersock

Melissa writes a photo blog that explores the beauty of Arizona, the Western US and the Western Hemisphere.

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Western Light: Storm Over the Grand Canyon

On a recent visit to the Canyon, I was lucky enough to see a storm develop over the inner gorge.

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Western Light: Phainopepla

A Phainopepla is sometimes called a black cardinal--perhaps a cardinal's evil twin.

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Western Light: Denali

On a recent trip to Alaska, my family and I were treated to a rare sight of Denali, The Great One, free of its pervasive cloud cover

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Western Light: Rufus Hummingbird

You know the summer is starting to wind down when you see Rufus hummingbirds at your feeder.

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Western Light: Mammatus

Mammatus clouds, named for their similarity to the female anatomy, are generally a sign of unsettled weather.

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Western Light Monsoon Sunset

One thing the monsoon does for us is bring us clouds; glorious, rain-swollen clouds.

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Western Light: Yellow on Yellow

Spring is the time for color, and in Arizona, that color is more often than not yellow.

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Western Light: Desert Spiny Lizard

With the days warming rapidly (too rapidly!), we see more and more creatures out and about, taking advantage of the spring bounty

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Western Light: Cactus Flower

May is the time for cactus, normally so bland, so ordinary, to explode into magnificence.

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Western Light: Slot Canyons

Slot canyons are a distinctly Southwestern phenomena (although they do occur in other places around the world).

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