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‘Color-ometer’ about to pop: Your guide to best places to view foliage in Oak Creek Canyon

'Time hurries on...and the leaves that are green turn to brown.'

Our unofficial “Foliage-o-Meter” is about to pop in Oak Creek Canyon. Some reds have come out, but the gold and yellows that the canyon is known for are about one week away. That means if you want to see the glorious cottonwoods, willows, oaks, poplars and even maples turn color in Oak Creek Canyon, it’s time to make plans. The next few weeks will be amazing. The colors are still a pale lime-green, but Mother Nature is ready to explode.

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Diane Joens honored as Professional Women’s Group’s ‘Making A Difference Woman of the Year’

The 2018 nominees for the Professional Women’s Group of Northern Arizona “Making A Difference Award” line up for a photo at the Cottonwood Recreation Center where they held their luncheon Tuesday.

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It’s Hip to Be Square

The Cottonwood RoadRunners danced at their annual Harvest Moon Festival at the Clemenceau School on Friday and Saturday night.

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A Second Chance: Dozens of rescued wolf dogs arrive in Clarkdale (with video)

The volunteers at Pets Return Home resembled a MASH unit as they lifted the 35 wolf dogs from an RV retrofitted with kennels in Clarkdale last week.

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To get a shot or not?

Yavapai County Health Services recommends ‘Better safe than sorry’

Everyone is wondering: should they get a flu shot this year? The Yavapai County Community Health Service’s states that the single best way to prevent flu is to get a flu vaccination each year.

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Clarkdale soil clean-up comes to a halt, crew leaving town

CLARKDALE -- The contaminated soil removal from hundreds of yards in Clarkdale is coming to a stop and the clean-up crew is leaving town.

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Taggers vandalize historic site (with video)

Graffiti-response team saves historic artwork

The Friends of the Forest graffiti-response team likes to strike fast. So when someone defaced an archaeological site in Sedona last weekend with large, black letters spewing vulgarity, the crew was on the site by Thursday morning.

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New apartments considered at Old Jerome High School

They want to explore further development for residential purposes, said Jerome Council Member Hunter Bachrach.

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Everyone is everywhere: New Mingus Union High School play has 14 students, 58 charaters and 18 stories

Fourteen students are playing 58 different characters in 18 vignette or stories in the play opening this Saturday, according to the Mingus Theater and Music teacher James Ball.

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9 Questions for retiring Verde Valley Fire Chief Nazih Hazime

Last Wednesday was Chief Nazih Hazime’s last day at Verde Valley Fire District Station 31 after seven years as the leader of the 39-member department.

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