Life becomes nightmare for Space Shuttle crew

One of the great pleasures of living here in the Verde Valley is the opportunity, several times each month, to see the International Space Station (ISS) flying around the earth. Let’s hope this film, Life, a fictional story, remains fictional forever. Life takes place aboard the ISS with a crew of scientists and technicians from different countries.

March 27, 2017


Editorial: Sheriff Joe takes page from prostitute about telling the truth

About 35 years ago in Flagstaff, a prostitute more than held her own in a game of mental chess while answering questions from a prosecutor during the murder trial of an infamous motorcycle gang president.

March 28, 2017


Photographer Susie Reed to lead 6th annual Explore Ancient Wonders Tour

Sedona photographer Susie Reed will share her passion for rock art and insights about archaeology on a specially customized tour of Honanki Heritage Site on Friday, March 31, 1-4:30 p.m. This tour, which is being held in honor of Arizona Archaeology and Heritage Awareness Month, is part of the 6th Annual Explore Ancient Wonders Events.

March 28, 2017


Anniversary: Paul and Sue Lidbeck Celebrate 60 years of Marriage

Paul and Sue Lidbeck of Clarkdale celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on March 23, 2017. They were married in Huntington Park, CA in 1957.

March 23, 2017